Friday, 17 August 2012

Waterfalls of the North

Recently we made a trip to Tumbler Ridge and Dawson Creek on our journey we came across 2 nice waterfalls with easy to moderate accessibility


Located in a tranquil forest setting close to the Tumbler Ridge town site, Quality Falls is reached by a short, easy trail through the woods. This 10 meter steep falls has a lookout at the top and a trail winding down to the bottom, with lovely views all around. The water is warm enough to wade in during summer and, in winter, this is a great place for beginner ice climbers to sharpen their skills.


Bijoux Falls Provincial Park, just off Hwy 97, is a small day-use area. Bijoux Falls, an attractive cascade of water, offers a brief respite from your journey and is a lovely place to stop for lunch. In the summer months Bijoux Falls is home to a large Steller’s Jay population. Bijoux Falls is located just west of the Pine Pass summit. It is particularly pretty, and offers great views down the Burnt River Valley and, through the pass, views of towering mountains and the sparkling Pine River. This is a short pass through the Rockies, and the big mountains stand in stark contrast to the gentler terrain on either side. Camping is not permitted, as the park is intended for day-use only. The park includes picnic tables and pit toilets. Bijoux Falls Provincial Park is located 44 km north of McLeod Lake on Highway 97, east of Mackenzie in Northern British Columbia.

Steller’s Jay @ Bijoux Falls