Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Kristian Winther Regional Park

Today we found a park we had never been to before in fact we did not even know about it. There are nice well maintained trails and a large field area which is great for kids to play and run around. Access is easy with lots of parking. There is a picnic area and also a covered in area for those rainy times. The large grass area would be great for the sun bathers and the trails are great if you want to go for a short stroll. I would suggest this park for anyone who wants to go to a nice relaxing and scenic location close to town.I think even people with limited mobility with canes (like me), walkers, and scooters can access this park without difficulity.

Go north on the Hart Highway until just before the Salmon River Bridge Turn Right onto Kinney Rd. Follow the road for a short distance and you will see the sing and parking.

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